Five Deceptively Obvious Habits Successful Leaders Share

by Art June 26, 2013

Opinions expressed are solely the author’s and not necessarily those of We all want to succeed at whatever it is we do. If you’re reading this, we’d guess that successfully running a business (or businesses) is at least one […]

3 Popular Stress-Management Strategies – Dissected!

by Art June 20, 2013
Bath Melancholy,  N. Renaud via

  How is it that some people seem better suited to handle stress than others? There is no easy answer to that question. Recent advances in our understanding of genetics and neuroscience seem to indicate that nature trumps nurture when […]

4 Creative Money Saving Tactics For Small Businesses

by a Guest Contributor June 6, 2013
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Unless otherwise noted, UPrinting does not endorse any company or product that may be linked to or appear in this article. In the current economic climate, every dollar matters in the business world and there will always be room and […]

Is Using Artificial Intelligence Ethical For Business? (VIDEO)

by Art May 29, 2013
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In our last post we discussed the implications of advanced artificial intelligence for small business. Some of you chimed in that the piece seemed a bit pessimistic at the end. The day after we posted that article, PBS came up […]

How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Small Business? – Why Watson is Only The Beginning

by Art May 27, 2013
 Integrated Circuit by oskay via photopin cc

When will artificial intelligence change small businesses? It’s no longer a matter of if, but when. There was little fanfare last week when IBM announced that it would be offering Watson, the artificial intelligence algorithm that famously beat Ken Jennings […]

The VetFran Program Offers Veterans Specialty Franchise Opportunities

by a Guest Contributor May 23, 2013
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Disclaimer: UPrinting is not affiliated with the author or any of the sites mentioned below. Did you know that the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation just completed a study that concluded one out of every seven franchise businesses are owned […]

Why No Product Is Truly Boring: 3 Ways To Bring Life to Any Product

by Art May 22, 2013
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Insurance, time-shares, financial instruments, office supplies -we take it for granted that some products are less interesting than others. From a marketing perspective, it might seem like a huge problem making such products and services stand out. In reality though, […]

Are Perverse Incentives Affecting Your Small Business?

by Art May 17, 2013
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During the early days of fossil hunting back in the Nineteenth Century, paleontologists realized that many of the “dragon bones” that were sold in Chinese markets were actually mineralized dinosaur bones. In a rush to gather as many of these […]