5 Things to Avoid When Making a Logo For Your Small Business

by a Guest Contributor March 23, 2012

Unless otherwise noted, UPrinting® does not endorse any company or product that may be linked to or appear in this article. Small business owners should realize how important it is to have an eye-catching logo.  Your business identity relies heavily […]

April Fool’s Day Is Serious Business – Use Fun Holidays To Build Your Brand

by Art March 22, 2012

In a few more days, April Fools’ Day will come along, and hundreds of millions of internet users will be surprised, confused, and delighted by Google’s and other companies’ inevitable April 1 prankstravaganzas. April Fools’ Day happens on the same […]

7 Ways To Better Brand Names – A Crash Course For New Business Owners Who Can’t Make Up Their Minds

by Art March 14, 2012

Like most writers, I will spend a disproportionate amount of time figuring out titles. A good brand name, like a good title, should ideally capture and communicate everything you absolutely want to say, while hooking in the people you want […]

Featured Business Review: DSLR Workshops by Okello Dunkley – Shoot To Thrill

by Art March 13, 2012

Asked how he wanted to be known, UPrinting customer and photographer-entrepreneur Okello Dunkley says “As the guy that can break down the complicated subject of photography in 3 short hours.” Okello had been an entrepreneur since 1998, when he started […]

How Soon is ‘Too Soon’? –On Replacing Recent Hires With ‘Better’ Ones

by Art March 8, 2012

Small businesses are still responsible for generating most new jobs in the US. However, the smaller the enterprise, the more difficult it normally is to recover from a bad hiring decision. The burden of finding the best possible employee to […]

Handshakes and Cold Calling Aren’t Dead – Why Overreliance on Social Media Is a Mistake For Small Businesses

by Art March 3, 2012

Online social media is here to stay, no doubt about it. Few developments in the past 20 years have been as useful to small businesses. Whether it’s for getting sales leads,  sourcing better suppliers, or finding fresh talent, social media […]

Featured Business Review: Cowbella Dairy Products – Adding Value to Tradition

by Art March 1, 2012

While Cowbella Dairy Products is a relatively young business, having started little over a year ago back in November 2010 (same month they got in touch with UPrinting!), its roots go seven generations back to 1817, when the first generation […]

Cash Mobs: Will They Save American Small Business?

by Art February 24, 2012

Cash mobs are perhaps one of the more interesting things to happen to small businesses in the United States in the past year. The idea is so new that as of writing, no one has made a Wikipedia page on […]