4 Startup Commandments for One-Person Service Providers

by a Guest Contributor September 28, 2013
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  Unless otherwise noted, UPrinting does not endorse any company or product that may be linked to or appear in this article. All photos are provided by the author. Offering professional services of any kind is not as easy as […]

9 Things to Check When Winterizing Your Small Business

by Art September 26, 2013
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Winterize Your Enterprise! It’s almost always sunny here in LA, and it might seem weird we’re putting a small business winterization post up this early. We do however, have customers all over the US and Canada in areas where winter can pose […]

Will These Burger-Robots Change Food Entrepreneurship?

by Art September 6, 2013
Integrated Circuit by oskay via photopin cc

How Food Automation Can Open New Doors for Small Business In the near future, you might very well be able to walk up to a vending machine and buy a gourmet burger – made faster, fresher, and to much higher […]

The Hidden Costs of Entrepreneur Mania

by Art August 30, 2013
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How Psychological Imbalance Can Lead To Success — and Tragedy Work-life balance? What’s that? To most founders, the phrase “nothing personal, just business” couldn’t be farther away from reality. But some people seem to crave the insane pressures of founding […]

It’s The Empathy, Stupid! – Why Entrepreneurs Can Be Jerks

by Art August 14, 2013
Amygdala by Jean Decety

…And Why Reading This Can (Literally) Make You a Better Person. Mirror neurons lighting up in the amygdala in an empathetic response Are you an empathetic manager? Chances are you aren’t.  A new study suggests that the more power someone feels, […]

Pitch Perfect – 8 Presentation Psychology Hacks for Introvert Entrepreneurs

by Art August 3, 2013
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…That ANYONE can do! I hate the thought of having to talk to someone if I don’t have to. Contrary to what a lot of people here at UPrinting think, I don’t hate everyone in general. I love helping other […]

Attack of the Killer Z’s – How Napping Boosts Productivity

by Art July 22, 2013
Bridgman, Frederick Arthur - The Siesta (Afternoon in Dreams) - Spanierman Gallery, New York, NY

How would you react if an employee came to work drunk? Unless you work in an unusually laissez-faire environment, you probably wouldn’t stand for it. Conventional wisdom implies being drunk means you’ll produce poorer quality work. You probably wouldn’t encourage a […]

Reading Human Behavior – Why Behavioral Analysis Makes Sense For Any Business

by Art July 16, 2013
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One reason why business (and everyday life) is so challenging is that at any given time, you’re dealing with the unknown. The way we get around this is through observing and measuring- and if possible, changing a few things and […]